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Bart Gets an Elephant

Bart Gets an Elephant

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When Bart wins a radio contest, he forgoes the cash prize and opts for the gag prize, an elephant. Unable to persuade him to take the money, the radio DJs get him an elephant. Bart names it Stampy and ties it to a post in the back yard. However, the elephant costs too much, and after a failed money-making scheme, Homer wants to get rid of it. He sells it to an ivory dealer, but Bart escapes with Stampy before the dealer can take him. Stampy leads Bart to the tar pits, where he realizes Stampy wants to be with other elephants. Homer arrives, but sinks into the tar pit. Stampy pulls him out, and a grateful Homer gives the elephant to the animal refuge.

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  • The junk in the house includes a sandwich, a bowling ball in the fridge, two pairs of underpants, and footprints on the ceiling.
  • The Olmec Indian Head from 7F22 Blood Feud is still in the basement.
  • When Bill and Marty talk to Bart at the radio station, Homer can be seen in the next room listening to music.
  • Signs at the Republican Convention: ''We Want What's Worst For Everyone'' and ''We're Just Plain Evil''.
  • Signs at the Democratic Convention: ''We Hate Life And Ourselves'' and ''We Can't govern''.
  • According to Time Magazine, Springfield Tar Pits is ''The Best In Tar Entertainment''.

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  • Stampy peers into the Simpsons' living room a la the T-Rex in Jurassic Park.
  • When Homer runs over a deer statue, the family recite a line from the Sound of Music: ''D'oh! A deer. A female deer.''

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