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Season 3 DVD guide

As the Seasons progressed the animation of the actual show was getting better, and the DVDs reflect this with more sophisticated menu animations.

All the menus on this disc are in widescreen, even though the episodes aren't widescreen. It is the only DVD to do this: the other sets all use full screen.


Season 2 DVD box Season 3 DVD menus

The Season Three DVD case & menu design

Special Features

Note: episode commentaries are not listed here, but they're available for every episode.

Disc 1:

Disc 2:

Disc 3:

Disc 4:


Easter Eggs

There are four hidden audio commentaries on the Season 3 DVD, which occur when one of the production staff couldn't make the main recording. Play the episode, then press the audio button on your remote: once to hear the main commentary, or twice to hear the extra one.

Stark Raving Dad: (Disc 1) Extra commentary track by Mike Reiss.
Lisa's Pony: (Disc 2) Extra commentary track by Mike Reiss.
Bart The Lover: (Disc 3) Extra commentary track by Al Jean.
Separate Vocations: (Disc 3) Extra commentary track by Al Jean.



The basis for Season 3's menus are the Simpsons couch gags that appear in practically every episode. The DVD starts with the original one (the family running to the couch and sitting on it) and every time you select a menu option, a random couch gag plays. Note that these are all gags uses not used in the show before - they're original to the DVD. We've listed all of them here...have you seen them all?


One of my favourites on the DVD. A bar slides into the couch and the floor opens up the reveal a fire. The couch, with the family still on it, rotates as if they're being roasted on a spit.
Another favourite of mine. Lines of green numbers/symbols drop from above and a computer modem-type sound is heard. The Simpsons family light up in a brighter green. Unless you've been living on Mars for the past decade, you'll know that this is a parody The Matrix.
The living room becomes very windy. Snowball II is blown through the back wall, followed by the family and couch a few seconds later.
The family are puppets on strings - Homer does a little dance, then collapses on the floor.

Homer presses the remote and
the family turn to static.

The family remain seated, but the
walls detach and float off into space.

Everyone's bodies open up and each climbs inside the other like Russian Dolls; Homer is the last one, and he burps. This is actually the reverse of a gag they used in the show, where everyone comes out of each other.

The lights go off. Homer's eyeball pulls back and shoots at the other, which bounces round the screen and hits the other eyes, complete with pinball machine sounds.

Similar to the previous gag, Homer's eye acts as a pinball machine release, but this time it bounces back and hits his other eye.

The lights go off and we see the Simpsons' eyes in the dark. The eyeballs then drop and roll off!

The lights go off and Homer gets up, wondering what's going on. However he walks into the 'camera' and falls over.
There are also animations on the Language Selection and Subtitles menus. The Subtitles menu only has one of Grampa lifting the tube to his ear - this is on a continuous loop.

The Language Selection screen features Bumblebee Man with Shary Bobbins and Hugolin (the evil French guy) either side of him. They keep tormenting the poor bee guy.