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Lisa Simpson

Name: Lisa Marie Simpson
Identity: The smart middle child. She is the moral center of the show.

Age: 8
Related to: Homer, Marge, Lisa, Maggie, Abe, Jacqueline, Patty, Selma, Herb.

Catchphrases: "If anyone wants me I'll be in my room."

Best friend: Janey.
Enemies: Allison Taylor, Ralph Wiggum
Idol: The late Bleeding Gums Murphy

"Oh no! I'll be socially unpopular!
... more so."

First word: "Bart"
Playing saxophone.
Past loves: Several actors named Corey, Nelson Muntz [4F01], Langdon Alger [3F17], and a substitute teacher named Mr Bergstrom [9F19].
Future loves: Milhouse Van Houghten, Hugh Paterson [2F15].
Fears: Getting anything below an A in school [8F24], failing gym [2F05].

Awards won: Best writing in a cartoon series for Itchy & Scratchy [9F16], and a few trophies which are on her shelf.

Previous jobs: Helping the poor [1F11], script writer for Itchy and Scratchy [9F16].
Possible future occupations: Homemaker [8F15], Novelist [1F11], President of the USA [BABF13].

Appearances: Every episode to date. Has had two birthdays [7F24 & BABF17], been a member of a hockey team [2F05], become 'cool' on the family vacation [3F22], helped Mr. Burns recover his lost fortune [4F17], got lost in the middle of nowhere when she took the wrong bus [5F17], and helped solve the mystery of who shot Mr. Burns [2F20].