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Worst Episodes Ever!

Although The Simpsons is the best show on television, it does have its bad moments (more often in recent years, I must add). Here are my ten least favorite episodes, and the reasoning behind my choices. Please remember that this is my opinion and your personal choices may differ from mine.

10. Another Simpsons Clip Show (Season 6)

The main reason I don't like this is because... well, it's another clip show. The first one was good because it had a storyline. This one, however, was just an excuse to show clips, poorly disguised as a "romance" storyline. The only funny moments are the montages of "Mmm...'s" and prank calls.

9. Homer's Night Out (Season 1)

In one way, this episode is alright. It has some funny moments, and I have to cut it some slack as it was Season 1, but Marge throwing Homer out because of a picture was ludicrous! All he was doing was dancing with Princess Kashmir, he was hardly committing adultery. But then again, this is the typical 'moral' values we had in Season 1. It's the episode I least enjoy watching in this Season, so it had to go in here.

8. The Lastest Gun in the West (Season 13)

The first offering in this list from a recent Season. We start with some completely random storyline about a dog who is after Bart for no reason. Okay, this is funny, but after seven minutes it stops dead and a different story sparks up. So, Bart meets a cowboy and starts admiring him. Then suddenly, the cowboy (I can't even remember his name!) reveals he is an alcoholic and so the family try to get him to quit. I can't believe they even considered animating this episode after seeing the script. How can anyone find this funny?

7. Sunday, Cruddy Sunday (Season 10)

Do I really need to explain this one? Okay... a stupid plot line, worthless special guests, and ridiculous meta references. The worst bit had to be the ending, where the commentators pointed out all the errors in the episode. Oh, and the egg painting thing was another stupid sub-plot.

6. Hello Gutter, Hello Fadder (Season 11)

Yet another unwatchable episode. Homer bowls a 300 game, and becomes an overnight celebrity. Most of this is reasonable, but then Homer's 15 minutes are up and he becomes depressed, and tries to commit suicide, almost recycled from Homer's Odyssey. Then he tries to devote his life to his kids, another recycled storyline from Grampa Vs. Sexual Inadequacy. Then Maggie somehow saves his life. The episode is filled with completely off the wall and unrealistic gags, which is not how The Simpsons should be.

5. When You Dish Upon A Star (Season 10)

More shameless guest stars, in another crap storyline. Homer reveals that he cannot read, which is stupid because he has always been able to read; he twists his neck nearly 360 degrees in a very non-Simpsons style; and finally, he acts like a jerk the whole episode. 'Nuff said.

4. Dancin' Homer (Season 2)

This episode does not make me laugh once. I don't think there were any jokes at all, it was just an unfunny story about how Homer became famous by making an arse of himself, went to Capitol City, lost his fame and came home again. And also, he is telling the story to the bar flies, which doesn't work in this episode.

3. The Simpsons Spin-off Showcase (Season 8)

There is only one word to describe this: lame. It is a completely lame episode, and characters constantly pointing that out does it no favors whatsoever. It had even gone past the stage where it is so lame it's funny! The first spin-off isn't too bad, the second one a bit stupid, and the last one absolute crap. The only funny moment is when the announcer says "Chief Wiggum, P.I. will return... right now."

2. The Old Man And The Key (Season 13)

Ugh. Complete crap. The only funny moment in this episode is the Scrabble-ships game at the very beginning. Everything else is jokes which fell flat and Homer yelling at his father constantly. That covers pretty much the whole episode.

1. The Great Money Caper (Season 12)

Oh my God! What is happening to The Simpsons? This episode is 100% unwatchable, there are no funny moments at all! It starts with some stupid magic show and Marge getting drunk, then continues into a fish falling from a Russian satellite and damaging the car. This leads into Homer & Bart conning people, and then to a fake trial organized to teach them a lesson. Then, just as everything is about to be explained, Otto rushes in and says: "Surf's up!" and everyone rushes outside and starts surfing. Complete and utter garbage. This is definitely the Worst Episode Ever!